A Simple and Effective Way to Rig Eyes in Blender

Some elements of rigging characters don’t need to be overly complex. In fact some of them can be downright simple. Creating a simple IK leg, rigging object to move along a certain way, and rigging the eyes of a character can all be pretty easy.

Watch JUANDRE LABUSCHAGNE from Blender Buzz walk through the process to rig eyes in Blender, the easy way. The rig is simple and quick to create, but still allows for a degree of control when animating the eyes of a character. The animator will be able to rotate the eyes in unison, independently, and even have a simple auto look-at or follow along system. It is all done with simple armature bones and constraints.

Blender Buzz has some other (premium) courses that all deal with rigging and animating in Blender. Visit Blender Buzz to learn more about those.