Using CHOPs When Rigging in Houdini

Freelance Illustrator and 3D Artist Henry Dean offers some insights into setting up controls on a joint chain in Houdini. Henry shows some techniques for using CHOPs within a rigging context.

using a CHOP network to provide a non-uniform distribution of a control objects rotation to a each bone in a chain

Any time that you can speed up repetitive tasks in a workflow, you should do it. In rigging, setting up controls for a lot of joints, over and over again seems like a thing that should be assisted somehow. You can use an expression to ensure that all the controls are placed and oriented and aligned properly with the joint chain, but there is another way.

You are able to use a CHOPs network orient control object rotations to match the orientation of a series of bones in a joint chain. Henry walks us through the process offering some tips as he goes.