Simulate Urban Traffic Easily With The New RealTraffic for C4D

You have modeled and textured a great looking urban scene, complete with buildings, sidewalks, trees and more. Now to populate it with people and cars. Dealing with the traffic side of urban landscapes, comes a new plugin for Cinema 4D, RealTraffic, that lets you simulate traffic scenes easily.

RealTraffic lets you transform splines into complex road networks. Special objects within the scene let you animate and control traffic flow, control the traffic lights, and populate the scene with vehicles that respect the rules of the road. RealTraffic lets you add cars, trucks, busses or trams with just a few clicks.

The plugin uses a bit of AI to rule the cars and traffic in the scene. Called the Intelligent Driver Model (IDM), it was developed by the TU Dresden, which simulates human-like driving behavior.

The plugin has been optimized for to give you realistic-looking traffic scenes, created with little effort. The plugin comes with some resources such as road networks and vehicles, that can help you get started creating your first traffic simulation.

Pretty fantastic!

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