New C4D Plugin Creates White Mattes With the Take System

Wouldn’t it be nice to have C4D easily render out material ID’s and white matte passes for materials? A new plugin from Mike Udin, allows you to do this. The plugin allows for the output of materials in separate passes. Either as a white matte or a multicolor representation.

TakeMatPass uses Cinema 4D’s take system to create an additional “take” with a mask of the material. The take will output the render as a material ID pass, or multiple white masks that can then be used in compositing.

C4D’s “take” system allows you to store multiple versions of a scene in one file. With it you can manually create special render passes, going beyond simple render layers.

The TakeMatPass plugin is only meant to work with Cinema 4D native materials. Also, each take in the system works as a separate document. This means that you need to bake out any simulations, particles, mograph or dynamics when using the plugin.

Still, if you are using C4D materials, or not using any fancy 3rd party renderers, TakeMatPass is an easy way to create the matte passes that you will need for compositing. Visit aescripts + aeplugins to learn more about the take-pass plugin for Cinema 4D.