Animate Anything to Sound in After Effects With Cloners Effectors

Cloners + Effectors is an After Effects tool that brings some of Cinema 4D’s procedural workflow into Ae. It’s basically a procedural animation system for After Effects that lets you effect clones by animating effectors, rather than setting keyframes for objects. Need to animate 10’s of objects to sound?

Using the clone/effector system makes it easy to create all types of animation, including animating objects to sound. Showing off that process is the creator of Cloners + Effectors, Jakob Wagner. Jakob walks through how you can animate clones to the audio spectrum of sound.

Cloners + Effectors recently had an update to version 1.1 adding the ability to create an audio setup so objects can animate to sound automatically. Also new in that version is:

  • New support for windows and HiDPI panels
  • New “Duplicate” cloner system
  • You can now bake without keeping the ability to unbake
  • When baking unanimated systems, the baker makes no keyframes

For more information on Cloners + Effectors, visit the page at aescripts +aeplugins.


  1. …how is this kind of metaball-effect from start done inside AE..?

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