Check Out What’s Coming in the Next Release of MagicaVoxel

MagicaVoxel Will Sport a New Interface, Pallet Sorting and Sparse Volumes and more.

Development of Ephtracy’s free and lightweight 8-bit voxel art editor continues with a new release looming. Soon to be released version 0.99.2 will have a new interface with pallet sorting, a new clay voxel shape, sparse volume support, and pixelated illumination.

If you are not familiar with MagicaVoxel, it is a free and fun 3D voxel editing application for both MacOS and Windows. The app gives you the tools to create 8-bit looking block models and includes path traced rendering and animations.

MagicaVoxel 0.99.2

New Interface

  • Redesigned the interface
  • Slider view: mouse wheel, or drag on the scroll bar or panel to scroll the panel; can also resize the panel
  • SDF font rendering
  • CTRL+Wheel or CTRL+/- to scale UI size
  • a basic object list to show the scene graph


  • Large Sparse Volume [Sample->SV]: the rendering volume increases to 2048x2048x1024. But there is still limits on the total number of solid voxels.
  • Voxel Shapes: new Clay shape with the previous supported shapes (Lego, Marching Cubes, etc.)
  • World Scale: rectangular voxels
  • Pixelated Illumination: Sample->PX
  • Can show sun disk in the sky; added Ozone attenuation
  • Fix bugs in orthogonal views


  • CTRL+Drag: swap (move) color
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Drag: duplicate color
  • cmd pal sort [+-hsvrgb]: sort palette colors (e.g. pal sort vsh)

Voxel Shader

  • add xs_shader in config.txt
  • can execute subfolder shaders: xs sub/poly


Visit the Ephtracy page for MagicaVoxel – It’s free to use for any project (no commercial license required)