If you are getting started with Cinema 4D and looking to slice up objects in a way that is simple and flexible, check this quick tip out. Jonas Pilz demonstrates two methods for cutting an object into segments in C4d.

If you are using Cinema 4D R18, you can use some of the knife tools that were introduced into that version. Line Cut allows you to draw a line and cut an object where that line intersects. You can change a couple of options to make segments from your object. The Plane Cut tool will work similarly, but will allow you to adjust the number of cuts that you want to make into your object.

If you work with Cinema 4D Studio or Broadcast versions, there is even a more flexible way to cut an object into segments. When you think of segments and cuts, you don’t initially think of the Voronoi Fracture object. But it does allow you to make cuts using spline, when they are added to the sources list. Good to know!