Creating a New Animated Typeface With Font Manager

Font Manager is a new After Effects script that is set to possibly revolutionize the way that you work with animated typefaces in After Effects. Font Manager brings a familiar Character panel interaction to working working with animation based typefaces.

The script also offers a way to create your own animated typeface that can be used with the system. It looks pretty easy too. Watch this short vid that shows you how to setup and customize your own typeface, with Font Manager.

This isn’t the first or only script that was meant to ease the process for working with motion graphics typeface libraries. Michael Delaney’s Characteristic script also provided some help with that workflow, although it hasn’t been updated since 2015.

If you are familiar with Characteristic, then the script will be an easy transition for you. FM, however doesn’t need to use multiple instances of the animated typeface, like Characteristic does. This gives you a much lighter and more responsive work area. I’m sure more than a few of us have opted not to use an animated typeface as they were difficult to manage, and slowed down the entire project file to the point where it was unworkable. In this regard, Font Manager may save us all.