Create a Lego Brick Simulation in Side FX Houdini

Playing with Legos is always fun, regardless of doing it in real life or virtually in 3D. For Side FX Houdini users, creating a simulating lego bricks with dynamics isn’t that difficult at all. Houdini’s procedural workflow lends well to creating and managing the hundreds of shapes that are required to build something with smaller parts.

a quick tutorial to create a Lego Brick effects inside Houdini using VDB

Watch 3D and Visual Effects Artist Kundan Basnet walk through the process for creating lego bricks, and easily making them fill an object in Houdini. Kundan does this by harnessing VDB. The Voxel Data Base open source tools can easily handle the task to create lego through tiles and voxels. It’s also great for workflows for common tasks like particle surfacing, polygon conversion, fracturing, filtering, resampling, etc.

Kundan then shows how you can animate the entire structure by adding some dynamics, and walks through the network setup to do that. Fun stuff!