How to Control the Distribution of Clones On a Surface

Wouldn’t it be great if you can control where Mograph Clones clear on the surface of an object? It is really easy to place clones on an object in C4D. The default will place an object at ever vertex of the base object. You can easily change the distribution method to edge, polygon center, surface, or volume.

Using the surface setting of the cloner can place your objects along the surface of another, but there is little way to control where you want it to go. You can bace distribution on a selection, but there also is another way.

Watch Jamie Hamel-Smith examine a technique that can be used to control where mograph clones will appear using a texture tag. Basically you can add a shader effector to the scene, and apply the texture tag. This will let you control where the clones appear and give you some control over placement. Great for placing trees and rocks on landscape scenes.