How to Make Clouds for Cinema 4D Redshift

Stormz shows how to create clouds in Houdini to render with C4D Redshift.

Creating clouds is only half the battle. The other half is rendering them to look like clouds. In this tutorial, the YouTuber known as “StomZ” shows us how to create cloud objects in Side FX Houdini for render with Cinema 4D and Redshift.

VDB Clouds and more.

The tutorial covers creating clouds in Houdini and using the VDB exchange to move those clouds into Cinema 4D. Stormz provides a guideline and tips for working with volumes in C4D and Redshift.

Other Ways to VDB Things.

There are other ways to create VDB cloud elements too. One time Jonathan Winbush covered how to use X-Particles Explosia right in Cinema 4D to create Clouds. His tutorial also showed how to render the volumes with Redshift. Check that out here.