Have a Look at Some of the Features in Fracture FX 2

Looks like Fracture FX 2 is available, adding features like Springs and the ability to transfer a simulation from a low resolution mesh to a high one in seconds.

Fracture FX is the defacto fracture and demolition solution Autodesk Maya. The plugin offers a procedural and event driven workflow, that even beginners to destructions simulations can feel comfortable with. Simulations are completely art-directable and used in many high end feature films.

Fracture FX 2 adds Springs, also known as Glue Constraints. The Spring Modifier will give you control over how the fractured pieces will interact with each other, sticking together. You can set how many of the fragments will use the spring modifier, and you can add more than one active of passive spring in the sim.

Another major feature in Fracture FX 2 is the ability to transfer a simulation over to a high resolutions mesh. This can allow you to preview your simulation one a faster low-resolution mesh, letting you iterate and progress the simulation faster. When you are happy with what you have, you can then transfer it to more detailed geometry.