How To Render 360 Video With Arnold

Arnold 5 came out with a ton of new features. There is a new standard surface material shader, improved mesh light sampling, and is much faster, overall. Also of note is improvements made to VR. A new VR camera node comes with Arnold out of the box, and it’s perfect for rendering 360 video.

Watch Autodesk Specialist Daryl Obert as he shows how you can render VR images using Arnold 5. The VR Camera with Arnold can render side by side images, left eye / right eye, or over under. It also gives you some attributes to control the eye separation, and how the renderer will be projected, including latlong, and two cube map options, 6×1 and 3×2.

Daryl also walks through some of the improvements made in Arnold’s Mesh Light, which can offer much better results at a much lower sample rate.

Rendering a 360 image can make VR experiences more accessible, working with Youtube, Vimeo and devices.