Watch Romain Chauliac’s Substance Painter to Arnold Workflow

A wide variety of texturing tools exist in this modern age. None better encompass modern work than the substance tools, including painter. Substance Painter gives you 3D physically plausible painting with a whole host of tools that include substance procedural effects, smart materials and masks. That makes it a great place to texture your work. What about the rest of the process though? How do you get the Substance stuff over to a 3D application and renderer?

Romain Chauliac has a tutorial that shows the process. Romain demonstrates his workflow for getting all your SP materials to look exactly right in Arnold 5. The tutorial walks through how you can export your mesh correctly, create all the ID maps needed with Arnold, and exporting the right types of data from Painter. Finally Romain shares tips for color management when he creates the materials with Arnold 5.