Working With the Redshift Round Corners Utility

Most 3rd party renderers will offer some utility nodes for production work. For example, for beveled details in a scene, it is not always necessary to create more geometry in modeling. You can create faked bevels at render time, using a round corners utility node.

If you want to find out how to use a round corners with a production GPU renderer like RedShift, check out this tutorial. Environmental Artist and Matte Painter, Saul Espinosa covers using the Redshift round corners utility node and also touches on the Bump Blender node as well. Typically an RC shader just uses the model’s normals to generate the beveled effect, much like a bump map would. Bump Blender can be useful in this case as it can blend between bump and normals and the round corners node.

Saul provides some nice tips along the ways, such as using the Maya bump node or Redshift normal node for getting more control from the RS Bump Blender.