Adding Easy Secondary Motion in C4D with Soft IK

Adding secondary motion in an animation doesn’t always mean another pass with the keyframes. In fact, for smaller parts of the character, setting up an automated system can be pretty effective. Take for example the antennae of a character. Having the antennae automatically react to the motion of the head could be a real timesaver. Soft IK can take care of that type of animation easily.

how to create secondary motion in Cinema 4D using Soft IK

Maxon UK’s Matt Umney shows how to create secondary motion in C4D using Soft IK. Matt shows how to create the soft IK chain, and how to apply it to a character rig. In actuality, IK dynamics have replaced what was previously called “Soft IK” in Cinema 4D. The idea is still the same, and the result is technically still a soft IK setup that can create movements for flexible dynamic chains.

Soft IK chains will naturally react to the larger motion of the rig. Adjusting the settings in the Dynamics tab allows you to get that perfect secondary motion almost for free!