Curious Animal updates Populate for C4D

Curious Animal makes a bunch of really great plugins for Cinema 4D. They were also one of the first to offer a plugin subscription, making it easier to access the many useful plugins that they make. Recently, their plugin Populate received some nice updates when it turned 1.06.

Populate is a plugin that helps extend Cinema 4D’s native Mograph toolset. The idea is that you can set up your object once, and have endless variations by controlling a range of object parameters. Unique clones ban be randomly generated, or controlled with in-view falloff widgets.

The latest version now lets you use C4D’s Variance Tags, adding even more control over what is possible. A look into the new features shows squash and stretch parameters being added to populated elements, and controlling time parameters on an imported Alembic asset.

Find out more about Populate for C4D here.