New Free C4D Script Fits UVs to Newly Extruded Polys

Who can be bothered with UV’s when you are in your zone modeling like a mad-person? I know we all should be considering UVs as we model, but sometimes its just fun to model something without the stresses of production.

There is actually a new free C4D script, by Mustapha Fersaoui that will automatically make all the newly extruded faces you create fit to the UV space. It couldn’t be any easier. A click of a button, and all your faces will share the same UV space by popping them into the entire textile size.

Applications such as Autodesk Maya call this “unitizing” UVs, where each face in the model shares the same texel from zero-to-one. The C4D script is called Fit To Polygon and it only works with UVW mapping in C4D. Seems like it could be a time saver to some of you who are creating more rigid forms and don’t want to focus too much on creating UVs as you go. Get Fit To Polygon Tool here.