Model and Render a Light Bulb With Zbrush and RenderMan

Michael Rew is a 3D Generalist from Melbourne, Australia, working with ZBrush, Maya, and a few different renderers that include Redshift and RenderMan. Watch Michael’s latest where he covers using Zbrush to model a light bulb, and later renders it with RenderMan and once again with Redshift.

Rew uses a high polygon workflow to get the initial silhouette set up for the light bulb. Once that is done, zRemesher is used to get a lower polygon version of the asset. “Further optimization can be done if you need this for a lighter scene but as this will be the only object in our final render this model is still fairly high poly.” Micheal says of the process.

Once the model is complete, rendering begins. Micheal takes a look at how to get convincing glass with particular attention to refraction and roughness to create variation on the surface of the metal shader in RenderMan. Redshift version coming soon!