Easily Create Customizable Neon Signs With This Free Xpresso Rig

An Xpresso rig is a great way to create and animate some really complex things in Cinema 4D really easily — And there are some great tutorials out there that can show you how to put that together. There are some really useful free ones that you can find if you dig around a bit. Like this one from Aaron Covrett, a Motion Designer at Stink Studios, NY. Aaron created an Xpresso rig for Cinema 4D and Octane render that allows you to easily generate and customize neon signs.

Easily generate and customize neon signs, with additional controls over animation presets, materials, emissive and mesh parameters

The rig has some nice controls to it, letting you adjust animation presets, materials, mesh parameters, and emissive values for the render, all in one place. The Sign Generator Xpresso rig offers some really nice results. Covrett posted the neon sign generator online, making it available a free or donation based download, saying: “This product is a work in progress, so feel free to reach out for any suggestions/involvement. Donations would be greatly appreciated, and support future development!” Download the Xpresso rig here.