How to Design Clothing With 3D-Coat

3D-Coat is really great for things like UV mapping models. That is probably how I use it most. That doesn’t mean that 3DC doesn’t excel in other areas. It has a great PBR painting system, viewport, and some nice sculpting workflows. When it comes to sculpting, either hard surface or organic, you can get away with shockingly few tools. Sort of driving this point home is Anton Tenitsky, as he shows his workflow to design clothing using 3D-Coat.

Tenitsky mainly uses Vox-Hide to create most of the modeling. “For the suit design, I’ve referred to Russian Avant-Garde and Constructivism of the 1920s”, Tenitsky says. Clothing for character designs can be created in a multitude of 3D applications, some with clothing as the only focus.

Tenitsky adds “I can recommend a pretty obscure book that I have in my home library that’s got some awesome ideas – Theatre in Revolution: Russian Avant-Garde Stage Design, 1913-1935” offering a nice period costume resource.