Easily UV Map a Dense Triangulated Mesh With 3D-Coat

Anton Tenitsky Shows Off a Great 3D-Coat Tool for UV Mapping Triangulated Meshes Without a Hassle

Have a great asset that is just way too dense to be useful? Of course, decimation and retopology is an option. Otherwise, it would be near impossible (or just incredibly time-consuming) to create UVs for a dense triangulated model. Or so I thought until I watched Anton Tenitsky’s latest tutorial. Anton is a mentor for CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation who often shares some great tips on creating concept artwork.

Watch Anton show off 3D-Coat’s Amazing UV Path-finding tool that can make short work of dense triangulated meshes. With it, you just place a line where you want the UV’s border edges to be, regardless of the object’s topology. Very handy!

Anton shows how the tool works on one of his Rugged Rocks from his asset pack. You can learn more about that here.