Watch 3D-Coat’s New Instant Meshes Integration in Action

3D-Coat Adds an Instant Meshes Integration, a New Standalone Retopo Solution.

3D-Coat has some automatic and user-assisted retopology tools built right in. Recently though, the 3DC team have added a new feature that integrates the capabilities of a standalone semi-automated retopo tool, Instant Meshes.

The integration with 3D-Coat lets users select an alternative method for retopo, in times when the standard 3DC retopo tools do a less than a desireable job. The retool tool is a free standalone retopology tool developed by ETH Zurich’s Interactive Geometry Lab, based on IGL’s research paper Instant Field-Aligned Meshes, presented at Siggraph Asia.

The tutorial covers a brief overview using the integration of Instant Meshes Auto-Retopo engine into 3D Coat, as an option to using 3D Coat’s default Auto-Retopo engine.