How to Use the Redshift Volume Shader to Render Volumes in Houdini

Houdini Artist Rohan Dalvi offers a look into rendering volumes and volumetric effects in Side FX Houdini, using the Redshift GPU renderer. Redshift offers a volume shader specifically to render volumes. There are two types of volume rendering effects with Redshift: Volumetric fog / scattering and volume objects, like smoke, fire and clouds.

This lessons covers how to use the redshift volume shader to render volumes in Houdini

Rohan walks through creating an explosive plume render using the volume shader node. Dalvi also covers the shaders it’s settings and how to get a great looking render.

There are some good tips in here to get the look that you want out of the volume renders. It’s still jaw dropping to watch just how fast Redshift can chew through renders like this. It’s blazing fast!