Want a UV-less Workflow in C4D? Try Triplanar Mapping

When Pingo Van Der Brinkloev needed to map several objects in C4D seamlessly, he found them to be pretty hard to UV map. So rather than trying to UV map, Pingo choose to look into TriPlanar mapping instead.

If you are a Cinema 4D user and are not familiar with the concept of Triplanar mapping, it’s likely because there is no dedicated tools in C4D to facilitate it. Triplanar mapping essentially will let you place and blend multiple textures in world-space. It doesn’t use UV’s, and offers minimal stretching. Think of it as mapping an object using 3 planar maps. “Would be great to have natively in C4D so share it and perhaps Maxon can implement it.” Pingo hopes.

Pingo shows a nice trick for getting triplanar mapping in C4D. It can even be setup as a super-easy preset. The technique involves using planar projections using a layer shader, and use a falloff shader to handle the blending for each projection. It does initially take a bit of time to set up, but then again you would only have to do it once and save it out as a preset. If you didn’t want to putz around in the first place, Pingo makes the project file available for download.