New Tool Highlights Your FUI Code in After Effects

ASH (which stands for After-Effects Syntax Highlighter) seems like a completely niche tool for After Effects. Yet it will be the tool that saves you a ton of time when you need it. ASH lets you create syntax highlighting on After Effects text layers.

That’s right, ASH isn’t another crack at a standard development environment in After Effects. Instead, it is a tool that will let you build plausible looking code screens in your own work. Perfect for FUI (fake user interface) work.

Why sit there and select every other word in a text layer, only to set it to a different color and repeat the process? ASH Syntax Highlighter can do it for you. All you have to do is select a text layer, that has “real” code in it, choose a language and theme, and that’s it. ASH will used established syntax highlighting to easily color things on that layer.

ASH has code language auto-detection, with around 300 to choose from. It also comes with 5 native, common code-editor themes. Visit the product page to find out more, where you can get 20% Off until Jul 20.