Graph Editor Redux Adds Support for Maya 2018

Graph Editor Redux Adds Support for Maya 2018

Graph Editor Redux Hits a 10 Year Anniversary and Adds Some Nice Features On Top of Maya’s Graph Editor

Work frequently in Maya’s Graph Editor? Then you likely already know about Ron Bublitz’s Graph Editor Redux. It brings a more intuitive UI, and some nice functions that the Maya’s native editor seems to miss. The graph environment in Maya has undergone quite a few changes, bringing the UI and its workflows into modern times. There are still some things that Graph Editor Redux brings to the table that Maya’s Graph doesn’t have.

“Even though Maya 2018 has just come out and it offers a revamped Graph Editor, it still does not contain all the helpful (and needed) functions that GER provides.” Bublitz says. “In addition to now supporting Maya 2018, the tool adds quick insert of in-betweens from the right-click menu.”

One thing that some users mentions is Maya’s monotone graph icons redesign. It’s harder to immediately see what you are looking for at a glance. This is where Graph Editor Redux excels. It separates the graph icons into 3 different groups based on similar functions.

10th Anniversary of Graph Editor Redux – Release Version 3.0

  • Added support for Maya 2018
  • Updated Icons to match latest Maya icon set
  • Icons colour coded into 3 groups for easier task recognition
  • Ability to change colour choices
  • Right-click menu adds quick insert inbetween keyframes
  • Restores Digital Pose Test app (Maya 2018 again includes needed libraries)
  • Updated documentation

“It’s been 10 years since the first release of the tool and it continues to be a very popular addition to the workflow of many animators.  This is why I’m committed to continue the development and would be interested in suggestions for further improvements.” Bublitz mentions.

Graph Editor Redux for Maya is still completely free.