Looping in After Effects can be More Than Just loopOut

Caleb Ward Offers a Deep Dive Into Some Real World Examples for using the LoopOut Expression in After Effects

For the School of Motion, Caleb Ward offers some insights into working with After Effects’ loopOut expression. You might rely on loopOut to save on keyframes when animating in Ae. After all, it is much easier to set a repetitive loop through an expression rather than copy/pasting keyframes that are hard to manage.

There is much more to the familiar loop, that most people are aware of. It can be used to a high degree of control over how animation and keyframes will loop. “This tutorial and article will share everything you need to know to get started with creating loops in After Effects” Ward mentions.

Caleb breaks down the average loopOut, and offers some real world examples for using each of the 4 different types of loop expression properties that are available. In fact the article comes with some easy-to-understand illustrated examples that can help drive the concepts home. While you are over there, why not download a handy PDF guide for using loop in Ae!