Watch Every New Modeling Addition in Maya 2018

Maya 2018 Adds a Host of New Technical Improvements to Modeling, Sculpting and Shape Authoring

With every new Maya release there seems to be a ton of new workflow enhancements. So much so, that they can often fall by the wayside and go unnoticed or underused. Maya 2018 drove head-on into attempting to increase stability and the team worked hard to make some things much faster. It also sees the benefit of plenty enhancements in modeling, sculpting and shape authoring workflows.

The Maya team have posted a look (albeit a silent one) that lists and demonstrates all of the technical modeling improvements in Maya 2018, and there are many of them! Watch a 23 minute demo that walks through them all, from interface changes, to changes on how tools operate, to UX changes. It all adds up to working better, faster, and more efficiently. There are plenty tips to learn here!