An In-Depth Look Into Nuke Templating for Complete CG Productions

Matthias Eckhardt Goes In-Depth With How to Build a Pipeline With Nuke: Setting Up Templating for Productions

Matthias Eckhardt offers an in-depth look at how to set up templating in Nuke for full CG productions. Eckhardt is a compositor and 3D generalist from Austria who explains both the theory and practical sides to setting up a pipeline within the high-end node based compositor, Nuke, by way of templating.

When working on a production, the last thing you want to do is continually set up each shot by hand. It doesn’t make for a fast workflow and it leaves too much open to deviation over the course of time. Starting with compositing philosophy, Eckhardt uncovers what the main goals for a template should be, by defining what the tasks of a compositor are within a production. The tutorial continues to discus templates, open and close templates, channel cleanup, naming conventions and pretty much everything else you would need to consider when creating templates or templating.

There is a lot packed into Matthias Eckhardt’s 35 minute tutorial. Here is an outline of what is covered at which time:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:55 Comp Philosophy
  • 01:36 Templates in general
  • 03:00 Open Template Theory
  • 03:57 Closed Template Theory
  • 04:27 Closed Template practical example
  • 08:00 Open Template minimalistic practical example
  • 12:28 Open Template full reconstruct practical example
  • 16:35 Channel Cleanup
  • 18:30 Naming Conventions / AOV Planning
  • 22:53 Pipelinesteps simplified
  • 25:07 Project Types
  • 28:10 Render Engine Differences
  • 29:53 Vray Example
  • 34:05 Outro