Watch Richard Lico’s Animation Process for Creating a Look-Around

Animator Richard Lico demonstrates what it is like to animate Quill.

Richard Zico is an award winning animator who is I working at bringing Polyarc Games’ VR adventure “Moss” to life. We have seen the Hero of the game, Quill a few times, through Richard showing some of his animation process for specific challenges in the production: Like how he uses nParticles to facilitate overlapping action in Quill’s ear, or creating secondary animation through animating with aim constraints.

This time around, Richard shows off what it is like to animate with the Quill character rig in Autodesk Maya. Richard walks through his animation process in crating a quick look-around animation. The 17 minute video offers some insights into some of the basics behind the custom Maya tools and workflow behind the production. “Lots of people have asked me how I go about creating animation for Quill, so I figured a quick glimpse would be a fun behind-the-scenes moment.” Richard says. —An interesting 17 minutes, for sure!