Mainframe Details How MASH Was Used in Their Latest Short Film

Mainframe breaks down how their latest short film “BASH” was created using Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolset.

BASH was a drive by Mainframe to experiment with some of MASH’s latest features within Maya’s motion graphics tools. Maya 2018 saw MASH add the ability to use dynamics within a MASH network.

BASH is a film produced internally at Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018.

“We set out to create a selection of experimental, dynamic scenes using simple primitive shapes as the base objects. That original concept stood fast but the process itself also resulted in serving a far higher purpose than pretty pictures alone.” Says Chris Hardcastle, Partner and MD at Mainframe North.

Mainframe has detailed some of the key shots in the short, with detailed notes on how each shot was set up and animated with MASH. They are even making the scene files available for download, and reference many tutorials that show how you can get started using MASH dynamics in 2018.

“It was simply meant as a promotional piece to celebrate the fact that MASH now has a Dynamics node. Something we’ve craved since MASH’s inception many years ago.”

Visit BASH at Mainframe for the complete article including the download links.