Visualizing Sound With Animation Nodes’ Sound Falloff in Blender

Zach Hixon Shows How to Make Things React to Audio Using Blender Animation Nodes and Sound Falloff

Zach Hixon continues his look into creating motion graphics elements using Blender’s Animation Nodes. The Blender add-on is a visual scripting system that was specifically designed for creating motion graphics style animation within Blender.

Hixon walks through using the Sound Falloff Node for visualizing audio within animation. Sound Falloff can take a digital audio clip and create a falloff that assigns a value to every objects using the sound frequency. Interestingly, the falloff for the sound nod can be calculated based on the index of objects, or based on another falloff.

Hixon shows how to get some interesting effects using animation nodes and sound. “One of my favorite things to make in motion graphics are things that react to music, and so in this tutorial we will be looking at the Sound Falloff node to create some cool effects.” Hixon notes.