AfterCodecs Updates With New Features & MacOS Compatibility

Dornisoft Updates AfterCodecs, the Native Lightweight Exporter for ProRes and H264 in After Effects

AfterCodecs sees an update that brings new support for MacOS along with a host of new features for using the ProRes and H264 exporter. A newly released 1.2 now adds two new plugins in the dropdown menu in After Effects: “AfterCodecs .mp4” and “AfterCodecs .mov”. You no longer need to rename things when exporting. Also new is the ability to choose the ProRes 444 Alpha depth. You can pick between 16 bits or 8 bits.

Need to render ProRes on Windows? Want to render directly to a small file size, high quality H264 straight from the After Effects render queue? AfterCodecs is the solution. The 3rd party Ae tool actually create smaller and better looking files right in After Effects using the render queue, and it even outperforms Adobe’s Media encoder.

AfterCodec’s New Features Include:

  • Now macOS OS X compatible!
  • Two new plugins in the dropdown : “AfterCodecs .mp4” and “AfterCodecs .mov”. There’s no more .ext and file renaming stuff (Removed the “Overwriting” options in Settings because not needed anymore)
  • You can choose ProRes 4444 Alpha depth now : 16 bits or 8 bits (smaller files, faster decompression)
  • Enabled lossless for x265 (same as x264 : 99 for 422, 100 for 444)
  • AfterCodecs will warn you if the width or the height are odd instead of displaying the generic error popup
  • 2 New shortcuts : ESC to exit AfterCodecs dialog, Shift+ESC to reposition it in the top left corner (use theses shortcuts if you have trouble with multiple screens for example)
  • ProRes 422 Bitrate matches more closely official Apple ProRes bitrate than before, and are now re importable back into AE on OSX

Visit aescripts + aeplugins to learn more.


  1. why would you need a 16bit alpha channel? anybody?

  2. KG74

    Tristan Summers- An example would be where multiple people were working on a heavy roto or keying shot. You’d need the bit depth on the alpha channel for motion blur/soft edges. When exported, they can be brought into AE or any compositor for premultiplication/Track mattes.

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