Use the C4D Render Region to Save Time When Versioning

Joren Kandel Shares a Quick Tip for Working With Cinema 4D’s Interactive Render Region for Versioning Renders Quickly

If you are the type of person that likes to get everything in-render, then this is a good tip for you. Joren Kandel shares what he calls an Interactive Render Region hack. If you need to render multiple version of a scene, the render region can save you a ton of time.

With Joren’s example, you can change the signage in a render, without rendering the whole thing over again. Changing a number on the sign can be as simple as re-rendering that localized region. This will work out much faster than rendering the entire image all over again.

You might prefer to work out details in the compositing stage, but if you are too lazy, this is a great way to version-up a sequence of still renders.


  1. What? Dude explained how to use render region, in 2017 ???

    • Hah

      haha, I was just about to say, this isn’t a hack at all, isn’t this just called using the thing?

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