How to Use Layer Masks in C4D’s Reflectance Channel

The Pixel Lab Offers a Quick Tip for Working With the Reflectance Channel in Cinema 4D

Ever wanted to create a material where some parts were shiny and other parts remained dull? Let’s say that you wanted to create a material for a fire hydrant, where the painted areas were glossy, yet the rusted or dirty areas remained matte. In Cinema 4D this is easily done by using the reflectance channel.

The Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel shares a quick tip that shows how you can achieve both reflective and non-reflective surfaces with one material. “Learn to use a feature in the reflectance channel called the layer mask to have part of your material be reflective and part of it be matte or non-reflective.” Joren says. It’s a great way to gain some more control and ad details to your shaders.