Rig a Character With Maya’s Quick Rig Tool

Daryl Obert Demos How to Get a Character Rigged in Minutes Using Maya’s Quick Rig Tool

Auto-Rigging tools can help speed up the rigging of one or many characters in Maya. There are a few out there too — From Rapid Rig to Rigger for Maya, there is no shortage of premium or free rigging tools. Maya has its own auto-rigging tool, called the Quick Rig Tool.

The feature was added to Maya 2016 Extension 2 as a tool that can allow users to quickly add a rig to a bipedal character. Quick Rig can work as a one-click wonder, or as a guided step-by-step option. Watch Daryl’s short 12 minute tutorial that shows how easy ti could be to rig up a character using Maya’s auto-rig tool. The demo is packed with great tips like setting up arrow keys to navigate the rig and using a few lines of MEL to automate setting attributes on nodes.