How to Model Procedurally in Maya Using SOuP

SOuP Project Contributor Jeremy Raven Shows How You Can Use a Combination of SOuP Nodes and Maya’s Modeling Tools to Model Procedurally

This is a good example of how adding SOuP to your workflow, can extend Maya’s procedural capabilities. SOuP Project contributor Jeremy Raven walks through a simple example that uses some of SOuP’s nodes and Maya’s standard modeling tools together to create something greater than each individually.

With SOuP, you can select, group, and convert components through nodes, making for a really interesting workflow, modeling procedurally. Of course if you are familiar with Side FX Houdini, all of this may seem pedestrian. Maya was never meant to be a completely procure tool, it has some procedural capabilities, but nowhere near what Houdini is capable of in that department.

Watch Raven’s short 22 minute tutorial that offers a good foundation for what can be achieved with SOuP.

Visit the SOuP Project to learn more about licencing. SOuP is developed and supported by Peter Shipkov,with contributions by Jeremy Raven, Maxim Kotrolev, David Schoneveld, Sergey Tsyptsyn, Ivan Turgeon, David Corral, Jack Straw, Michel Tuttle, Alex Smolenchuk.