How to Use SOuP Solver and Group Nodes for Motion Graphics

Jeremy Raven Shows How to Create Complex Motion Graphics Effects With SOuP Solver Nodes.

Maya’s motion graphics toolkit MASH opened up whole new ways to work and create the type of systems so often seen associated with motion graphics work these days. MASH certainly streamlined the motion graphics setups in Maya, but it is not the only way to create these types of effects. You can also use SOuP Solver and Group Nodes which also provides an easy solution.

More SOuP Motion Graphics Tricks

This latest tutorial isn’t the first time that Jeremy has taken on motion graphics effects in Maya using SOuP. Raven showed how to use Maya fluids along with the SOuP FuildVoxel Node to create some complex motion graphics effects with typography.

What is SOuP?

SOuP is a project that lets you work more procedurally with Maya and  is maintained by Peter Shipkov, with contributions by Jeremy Raven, Maxim Kotrolev, David Schoneveld, Sergey Tsyptsyn, Ivan Turgeon, David Corral, Jack Straw, Michel Tuttle, Alex Smolenchuk.