How to Use SOuP & Maya Fluids to Create Motion Graphics Effects

Jeremy Raven Shows How to Use Maya Fluids and the SOuP FluidVoxel to Copier Node to Create Some Motion Graphics-Like Effects

Maya SOuP contributor Jeremy Raven shows how you can create a really great looking motion graphics like animation using Maya Fluids and SOuP nodes. Watch Jeremy’s 20 minute tutorial that covers controlling instanced scales and color, through Maya’s Fluid container. Added deformations are created by using the Attribute Transfer tool.

SOuP for Maya is under constant development with a new update that was released recently. The latest version added a new generic solver node that can iterate on any data set in Maya. Prefect for creating animated growth effects. Also added is a Smart Connect Node that allows you to make all kinds of node connections through a really smart marking menu.

The project is developed and supported by Peter Shipkov, with contributions by Jeremy Raven, Maxim Kotrolev, David Schoneveld, Sergey Tsyptsyn, Ivan Turgeon, David Corral, Jack Straw, Michel Tuttle, Alex Smolenchuk. Some credit for the new marking menu tool goes to David Ryberg Lessel for his initial prototype and following collaboration on this toolset.