PolyGnome Mesh Constructor Kit for C4D Now Available

New PolyGnome Tool Released for Cinema 4D Modelers, Letting You Seamlessly Add Mesh Details from a Library of Assets

Cinema 4D’s new kit bash tool has hit the streets. PolyGnome is new plugin for Cinema 4D labeled as a mesh constructor kit. It serves both as a tool for easily adding details to models by a simple drag and drop, and as an asset library for all your kit bash components.

Recently out of the beta phase PolyGnome lets you create your own libraries of assets that you can use to augment another mesh. It makes for a really nice workflow, especially if you are creating a lot of hard surface models. Attributed to the programming efforts of Daniel Sterckx, the C4D plugin was loosely based on and inspired by William Vaughan and his MODO Pushing Points Polystein Kit.

The plugin is available for both MacOS and Windows platforms and runs under Cinema 4D R16 to R19. The kit-bash plugin comes in two versions, a “Junior” and the complete version. PolyGnome Junior carries a price of around $35.00, where the complete version is around $60.00.