2 Ways to Animate a Draw On Effect in Maya

Autodesk’s Roland Reyer Shares 2 Methods to Draw On a Placer Node Action in Maya

MASH’s placer node allows you to easily paint object on a surface of another object, even cycling through a range of more than one object. Have you ever wanted to animate the painting of objects like when using the placer node in Maya, like a draw-on effect?

There are actually a couple of easy techniques to facial this effect. Autodesk’s Roland Reyer demonstrates how the magic of both methods can be through MASH’s visibility node.

One method is to use the placer node, drawing on the surface of an object and then animate the whole drawing process with MASH’s visibility node. Using the step strength attribute, you can keyframe the “drawing on” of the placer node’s effect.

The second method uses a different method of control. Reyer Shows how you can also use the visibility node’s falloff object to animate a draw-on effect. Both can end up looking equal in the end, even though they process for the draw on effect are slightly different.