Another Script to Keep Your Node Editor Tidy

Maya nodeEditorAlign Script offers a Tiny Panel That Lets You Keep the Node Editor Tidy By Easily Aligning Nodes

Graphing nodes in Maya’s node editor can leave users with little control for organization. Other than graphing, adding and subtracting from the editor, there is not much in the way of control. Some have taken it upon themselves to create tools to help manage and keep node networks legible and tidy. One tool is Travis Miller’s Node Align.

An alternative, is BolekCG’s simple nodeEditorAlign script. The tool offers a small panel that lets you easily align nodes in the editor. You can read more about its development with this article where BolekCG details how and why it was made. BolekCG admits that it doesn’t always work under all conditions, but it can be pretty handy for easily aligning nodes without too much overhead.