2 Ways to Create a Movable Pivot in Maya

Jarred Love Shows Two Methods for Creating a Movable Pivot for Animating in Maya

A movable pivot. A dynamic pivot. An animate-able pivot. What ever the name you use, it is a vital component to both character rigging and mechanical rigging and animation in Maya. Rigging artist and Technical Animator Jarred Love shares some tips for movable pivots, and offers two of the most common ways that you can create one.

Jarred describes what a dynamic pivot is, and why you would need one in the first place. He then goes on to cover two different methods for creating a reposition-able pivot and some practical scenarios of where they might be used.

Comparing techniques, Denny Lindberg showed how you can incorporate a dynamic pivot into a character rig, while Jan Matt showed how to get started with a movable pivot in a simple box rig.