How to Apply Vector Math in Maya for Pole Vector Control

Technical Artist Greg Hendricks Shows A Practical Example for How to Use Vector Math to Place Pole Vector Controls

There is no doubt of the many resources floating around out there that cover addition and subtraction, how to calculate the dot product and more when it comes to vector maths.
Resources grow a little thin when it comes to how to apply that stuff to something practical in Maya. This is why Technical Artist Greg Hendricks has put together this 42 minute in-depth look into using vector math to place pole vector controls in a joint chain.

Hendricks covers how to use vector addition and subtraction, and how to use the dot and cross product so that you can project one vector on to another. With this method you can easily calculate where to place a pole vector control.

Hendricks references two other tutorials. One is 3D Math for Technical Artists by Ryan Trowbridge that was part of an Autodesk University Masterclass. The other is a Cult of Rig stream by Raffaele Fragapane that covered using Vectors.