Creating a Realistic Leaf With Arnold Using MegaScans

Arvid Schneider Covers How to Create Realistic Leaf and Foliage Shaders in Arnold, Using Quixel MegaScans Leaf Atlas

ILM Lighting TD Arvid Schneider continues his look into working with Solid Angle’s Arnold 5 in his latest tutorial creating realistic leaf and foliage shaders.

Arvid starts out by using Quixel MegaScans assets for leaf textures that will be the base of the material. The key to getting a realistic leaf in 3D is by way of a double sided shader. A leaf in real life can show both sides when light is transmitted through it.

MegaScans is a subscription service to a library of high resolution scanned assets. MegaScans is a standardized library that contains thousands of scanned items, with three subscription levels that include pricing for hobbyists, freelancers and teams.

Arvid has started a Slack group called lightshader where you can go and chat and ask questions about 3D shading, Maya, and Arnold — Check it out here.