RowByte Color Wiggle is Now Free

Rowbyte Software Makes Previously Premium After Effects Tool Color Wiggle Free to Download

Wiggle in After Effects. It’s easy, it’s fun and it works well for a wide range of animation situations. Let’s face it though, if you have ever tried to wiggle colors, wiggle doesn’t exactly return what you would expect. It is also difficult to visualize which colors are bring cycled.

This is why Rowbyte Software made Color Wiggle, a little utility that lets you wiggle through colors more easily in After Effects.

Color Wiggle used to carry a price of $24.99, but recently, RowByte has made it free to download. The plugin carries a simple interface that lets you control the colors that you want to use with the wiggle. It also offers real time feedback so you can easily see what is happening. Color Wiggle for After Effects is compatible with CS6 and Creative Cloud versions and available for free here.