Live Rendering Houdini Height Fields With Redshift

Entagma’s Manuel Casasola Merkle Shows How to Create Procedural Terrain in Houdini, Rendering it Directly in Redshift

Houdini 16 brought us new Height Fields, which is a great tool for making terrains for environments. Watch this 30 minute tutorial from Entagma’s Manuel Casasola Merkle who shows how to create a detailed terrain from scratch. Merkle shows how you can render the terrain with Redshift, without the need to bake out the textures manually.

“By making use of the procedural image editing context in Houdini, the COP2 network, you’ll learn how to derive images from your heightfield volumes and use these inside of a Redshift Material using the op-syntax, known from Mantra.” Merkle says.

Houdini’s Hight Field offers a straight forward workflow that is very similar to image compositing, only in 3D space. You are also able to import height field data from standard GeoTIFF and several Lidar formats.

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