A Sneak Look at X-Particles 4 FlowField Feature

The Excitement Around X-Particles 4 Continues With an Advance Look at Another New Feature – FlowField

The hype around the next release of X-Particles is pretty much reaching a fevered frenzy. It’s not without good reason. Insydium has been knocking it out of the park with X-Particles, Cycles, and its path to the future. We’ve already had a peek at X-Particle 4’s new cloth dynamics capabilities, and like the last, this latest sneak look doesn’t disappoint, looking at a new FlowField object.

fantastic new velocity field generator lets you create custom velocity field effects

The Insydium team have posted a look at the new FlowField feature that offers users the next chapter in particle control. The Flow Field object is a vector, or also known as a velocity field generator. This will allow users to drive particles with splines, object tangents, or normals. You can also use Cinema 4D’s noise elements to customize your own turbulence for FlowField.

“The possibilities with Flow Fields are endless. They can be mixed and layered to truly push directed particle effects to the next level.” Insydium says. You can expect X-Particles 4 in early December 2017.