How to Get Rid of ProRender Artifacts in C4D

You Might Experience Precision Artifacts When Rendering With ProRender — Here is How to Get Rid of Them

Jonas Pilz shows how to get rid of strange render issues when rendering with ProRender in Cinema 4D. Precision artifacts are common among path tracers, and ProRender is not immune. They primarily occur due to issues in scene scale. That is to say, if you have a large-scale scene or a small scale scene, there needs to be a slight adjustment with the renderer.

Changing the Ray Epsilon setting under the general tab of the ProRender settings can quickly fix these artifacts. For larger scenes, if the Ray Epsilon is set too low, the problem will occur. Setting it higher for larger scenes can fix it.

Similarly, if you see precision artifacts in a smaller scene, lowering the Ray Epsilon value will help in that instance. It’s a simple change to the render settings that can readily fix weird render issues.